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Wholeheartedly dedicated to introducing health and wellness to every home – the Ayurvedic way, Dindayal Aushadhi is committed to bringing about a continuous revolution and modernization in the production and utilization of Ayurvedic formulations and practices.

Dindayal Aushadhalaya was established in 1927 on the strong science of the five elements of nature. It grew under the able guidance of a visionary Vaidyabhushan Shri Krishnadasji Chhaparwal, who combined a great vision with vast knowledge of Ayurveda. He added to and advanced the knowledge in this ancient system of medicine through the generations,"Dr. Gopal Krishanji Chhaparwal, further established this company to syndicate the resources of AYURVEDA with contemporary exploration and manufacturing technology. Comprehending the necessity to raise the spirit of research in healthcare, Dindayal Aushadhi today is the proud possessor of over 750 products in its basket of offerings that serve to be a reflection of the centuries legacy, decades of experience, thousands of associates, well-wishers and numerous beneficiaries over the years."Our product range includes the whole range of classical shashtrokta formulations, condition specific proprietary medicines and OTC/FMCG products. With a view to reaching a wider market, Dindayal Aushadhi is on a major growth drive revamping its packaging, adding new products to its portfolio and increasing its contact points both in the real and virtual world.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items