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The Sidhpur Sat-Isabgol Factory was established in 1937, since its inception, the company is in processing & packaging of this wonder natural product Sat-Isabgol (internationally known as Psyllium Husks) under the brand name of B.G.Telephone Brand Sat-Isabgol

Brand Sat-Isabgol in the market at a time when the concept of consumer product selling was not really born in India the brand name "Telephone" was chosen by the company for the very reason that universally telephone is known as this word itself "Telephone". 

With the growing demand of its product - B. G. Telephone Brand Sat-Isabgol, the company constantly invested huge funds in further automation of their packaging plant and today its consumer sizes of 200g,100g, 50g & 10g sachets are packed on fully automatic machines. The company's consumers sizes under the brand name B. G. Telephone Brand Sat-Isabgol has a commendable market share in India & also has wide presence in Middle East, UK, USA, Japan, Australia & Canada. 

To meet the surging demand of Psyllium Husks we established Sidhpur Isabgol Processing Company (SIPCO) in 1976-77 and Shakti Isabgol Industries (SHAKTI) in the year 1986-87 to meet the bulk export requirement. Our bulk exports are mainly to USA, Germany, France, Japan, Spain, Malaysia, Czech Republic. 

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