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Bhawanji - Dukh Dabav Lep

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Dukha Dabav Lep or Dukha Dabao Lep  or दुःख दबाव लेप  a traditional Pain Plaster for swelling, Pain and Inflammation.

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  • 6 gm

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Pain in Leg, Shoulder, Sciatica, Lumber Pain or Fracture, Spasm has become a common symptom in the fast running lifestyle.

Dukha Dabav Lep or दुःख दबाव लेप is commonly called as  Ayurvedic pain Lep, or Traditional Ayurvedic Lep since 80 years by Bhawanji and Lakhamshi & Co.  This Pain Plaster prepared using Guggulu, Maida Lakdi, Fitkari(Ftakadi),  ambe haladi and much more herbs renowned for pain & swelling management

Dukha Dabav Lep a Traditional Pain Plaster by Bhawanji and Co  an Ayurvedic Pain Plaster since 1925, Formulation of traditional Ayurveda which helps in pain relieving. 

Effect on Tridosha

Help Balance Vata and Kapha Dosha


  • Muscle Spasm
  • Pain in Leg, Back and Neck
  • Fracture and other pains in bone
  • Cramps in Leg
  • Lumber Pain
  • Neck Pain & Spasm
  • Pain Inflammation & Swelling
  • Shoulder Pain

Main Ingredients

Each 1 G contains Guggulu 90 mg, Aloe Vera ( Elua ) 300 mg, Maida Lakdi 90 mg, Kundru / Kundaru 160 mg, Revanchini 20 mg, Gairik 45 mg, Fatakadi ( Alum, Turti)  70 mg, Hirabol 55 mg, Ambahald 80 mg, Lodhra 50 mg, Mayphal ( Majuphal )10 mg, Arjun 50 mg.


Scrape and grind the Dukha Dabav Lep on a rough surface or a grinding stone, with very little water, to make a  the paste. Apply on the affected area like Lumber pain, neck, leg, shoulder, sciatica. Lesser the water, thicker will be the paste, and hence more easy to apply. 

Data sheet

Container MaterialSachet
Dosage FormsLep
ApplicationExternal Application
Useful forBones and Joints

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Bhawanji - Dukh Dabav Lep

Bhawanji - Dukh Dabav Lep

Dukha Dabav Lep or Dukha Dabao Lep  or दुःख दबाव लेप  a traditional Pain Plaster for swelling, Pain and Inflammation.

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