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Deltas - Pancha Tulasi View larger

Deltas - Pancha Tulasi Drops

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Pancha Tulasi Drops is a unique blend of 5 species of Basil.It is an exilir for healthy family.

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₹ 185.00

  • 15 ml

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Pancha Tulasi Drops is a unique blend of 5 species of Basil. Various of basils present in Pancha Tulasi are known for enhancing immunity and providing anti-oxidant effect. Basils inhibit the growth of the harmful microbes present in drinking water. Is is an effective adjuvant in management of cough, cold, chronic bacterial disease, skin disease and indigestion. It is useful in relieving stress. It can be used by entire family everyday for keeping immunity on peak.

Management of viral influenza, adjuvant in bacterial ailments, reduces bacterial load in water and acts as a water purifier, enhances immunity, adjuvant in management of skin ailments, useful in common cold & cough and prevents oxidative stress of free radicle origin.


How to use Pancha Tulasi Drops?When you insert 1 drop of Pancha Tulasi Drops in water from approximately 10 cms above the surface of water, the Pancha Tulasi drop bursts in water and coverts into micro globules and then disperse in entire container uniformly. What is the effect of Pancha Tulasi Drops on general immunity?In advance studies with Pancha Tulasi, we found that the drops can effectively eradicate the resistant bacteria responsible for respiratory infection and various other microbial infections.During our research work we found that Pancha Tulasi can be very effective in preventing symptoms of inflammations arise in various types of fever, bacterial and viral infections. Can healthy people take Pancha Tulasi Drops? Healthy people can be afflicted by change in climate, stress level, inappropriate sleep, inappropriate food or drinking water, over-indulgence of physical activity etc.. Therefore in healthy population, regular use of Pancha Tulasi increases


Common cold, Viral flue, Sore throat, Running nose, recurrent cold, immunity boosting, Useful adjuvant in respiratory condition, adjuvant in digestion, adjuvant in skin conditions

Data sheet

Container MaterialSachet
Dosage FormsDrops
Useful forBoosting Immunity
Pathy - चिकित्साAyurved

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Deltas - Pancha Tulasi Drops

Deltas - Pancha Tulasi Drops

Pancha Tulasi Drops is a unique blend of 5 species of Basil.It is an exilir for healthy family.

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