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Refund And Return Policy

SwasthyaShailee Team is committed to protect your financial interest under all circumstances. Your purchases are secured at no additional cost to you. We believe that the customer intends to buy online for comfort and peace of mind

What if my order is lost in postal system?
We will return you 100% or send you a complete replacement. In such cases, refund or replacement shall be processed on the 31st day from the date of dispatch of your transaction.

What if my products are damaged in the postal transit?
We take utmost care while packing that the products do not get damaged. However in case of such event, we will replace damaged products.

Can I return the product?
Yes, You can return Unopened and Unused product for Refund within 14 days of the receipt of the products. The Refund amount shall be net of actual shipping and handling charges which will be roughly around 35-40% of the Value, deducted from the price of the product ( retail or discounted as per the purchase).

What if I get Expired product?

We, at Swasthya Shailee care for our reputation and take utmost care before dispatch to check the quality of the products.

There certain products like Bhasma, Ghruta (Medicated Ghee) Arka and Asava in Ayurveda which has no Expiry or have old manufacturing. Certain seasonal products cannot be expected to be of latest manufacturing. 

However, if by human error such an incident occurs, we resend the new product at no cost to you. or refund the amount of such a product.

Can I collect cash for refund? 

No, We do not refund in cash. we refund in the same mode of payment. through a gateway or by cheque. 

We discourage COD, however refunds of COD are through Cheque issued in the name of the customer and couriered at the address of the customer 

Product didn't suit me, will I be compensated?

Since Swasthya Shailee, never prescribes any product for any ailment, All products are categorized as per the usage mentioned by the manufacturer. Swasthya Shailee is liable only upto amount of the Product. Disputes if any to be settled in Mumbai jurisdiction only.

Can SwasthyaShailee cancel my order? 

Yes, Swasthya Shailee holds the complete rights to cancel the entire or part order. and Refund the complete amount immediately.