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Classic Ayurved - Dry Amla Candy

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Amla is amrut or the elixir of life Get Amla Candy.

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Amla, Indian gooseberry is the fruit of Phyllanthus Emblica tree. Ingredients of Amla, sugar and glucose. Let me tell you about its nutritional value per 100gm of the candy: Total Fat- .25g, Protein-1.19g, Carbohydrate-69.51g, Fiber-8.30g, Calcium-5mg, Phosphorous-3mg, Iron-3mg, Vit C-359mg, Calorific value-285 Kcal. Amla, dry amla or amla candy( Indian gooseberry) contains the benefits of three times the amount of vitamin C found in oranges, about 600 to 700 mg. Dry amla candy also contains pectin, phyllemblin, Emblicanin A & B, punigluconin, pedunculagin, punicafolin, kampferol, ellegic acid and gallic acid that work as antioxidants. Vitamin C in Amla, Indian gooseberry is not destroyed on extended storage. As such it can be the cheapest and best source of vitamin C throughout the year provided you store it with loads of health benefits. 

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Container MaterialNon Breakable Plastic
Dosage FormsRaw Herbs
Useful forBoosting Immunity

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Classic Ayurved - Dry Amla Candy

Classic Ayurved - Dry Amla Candy

Amla is amrut or the elixir of life Get Amla Candy.