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    Santulan - Honey

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    Santulan - Shakti Dhoop

    Dr Shri Balaji Tambe's Santulan Shakti Dhoop 100% natural Santulan Smoke.

    ₹ 180
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Santulan - Shruti Oil

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A Medicated Oil for Ear Care

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₹ 160

  • 30 ml

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A medicated oil specially designed for Ear related problems cause due to tinnitus and deafness due to ageing. Promotes sound sleep especially recommended for users of headphones, cell phones for maintaining the health of the ears Indicated. 

Effect on Tridosha

Help Balance Vatta


  • Deafness due to ageing
  • Headphone and Cellphone affected Ear diseases or deafness
  • Tinnitus


Put 3 to 4 drops in the Ear keep it for 10 to 15 mins apply twice a day for better results you can apply 3 times a day. 

Customer Care Executive - 02114-282824

Data sheet

Container MaterialNon Breakable Plastic
Dosage FormsTaila
ApplicationExternal Application
Useful forEar

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Santulan - Shruti Oil

Santulan - Shruti Oil

A Medicated Oil for Ear Care

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