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Vithaai Krushi - Kashay Herbal Tea

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Vithaai  Krushi - Kashay Herbal Tea improved blood circulation,cough relief,stabilize bile acid and appetie.

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  • 50 gm

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Nowadays, despite preferring a regular tea with sugar and milk, people are often seen sipping on herbal tea, because it is far more beneficial for the body than the regular tea. Also, as it has several varieties, the choice of flavors is never limited for a person. According to the taste he or she likes, or the nutrition he or she is willing to get, they can choose one flavor or expand their horizon. Some of the most popular herbal teas are Chamomile Tea, Ginger Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Dandelion Tea, Echinacea Tea, Fennel Tea, Ginseng Tea, and Gingko Tea. All these can help you relieve certain body ailments, such as battling sluggish digestion, easing arthritis pain, and enjoying a sound sleep.

The benefits of consuming herbal tea include relaxing the body, cooling the body temperature, easing the bad stomach, and reducing the fluid retention in the body.
Herbal tea is cooked by adding different plants in water, which can be served ‘hot’ and ‘cold,’ depending upon the user’s preference.

Nutritional Value of Herbal Tea 

No matter which herbal tea you are sipping on, it has a huge nutritional value. As said earlier, herbal teas come loaded with nutritional value. The criteria for the nutritional value is 1 mug of an herbal tea, which is approximately 8 fl Oz or can say 100 g.

Information Regarding all ingredients used in Kashay herbal Tea.

* Mango Leaves (Vitamin A B and C)

1 Regulates diabetes

2 Treats gall and kidney stones.

3 Cures respiratory problems.

4 Lowers blood pressure

5 Treats Dysentery

6 Good For your gout.

* Lemon Leaves (Vitamin A, B, C, and Iron)

1 Improving digestion performance

2 Increase endurance of body

3 Lose weight

4 Treating fever and flu

* Lemon Grass 

Effective in treating 

1 Stomach and intestinal spasms

2 High blood pressure

3 Cough

4 Fever

5 Headache

6 Vomiting


1 Fight Respiratory problems

2 Improves blood circulation

3 Reduce inflammation

4 Improves stomach performance.

5 Relieve Stress

6 Relieve Nausea

7 Strengthen Immunity

Tulsi Leaves ( Good Source of Vitamin K)

1 Protect against diabetes.

2 Helps to fight cancer

3 Balance hormones level

4 Relieves headache

5 Help improves respiratory disorders

6 Relieves fever

7 Lower stress

8 Supports eye health

Bael Leaves.

1 Fever preventive

2 Treating jaundice

3 Manages diabetes.

4 Helps to treat diarrhea/loose motion

5 Protect against intestinal diseases.

Data sheet

Container MaterialNon Breakable Plastic
Dosage FormsPowder
Useful forConsumption
Pathy - चिकित्साAyurved

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Vithaai Krushi - Kashay Herbal Tea

Vithaai Krushi - Kashay Herbal Tea

Vithaai  Krushi - Kashay Herbal Tea improved blood circulation,cough relief,stabilize bile acid and appetie.

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