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Gavyakanti - Body Cleaner

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Gavyakanti Panchagavya Ayurvedic Body Cleaner with no added preservatives is a chemical free body cleanser.

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₹ 45

  • 65 gm

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Ingredients :

Multani mithi, ritha, Shikakai, kadu limb, kapur, Bhimseni, shudh gehu, halad, besan, khau tel and gomai bhasma.

How to use :

Our Body cleaner is not soap it is a unique body cleaner. The body cleaner has no foaming agent, no preservatives and no chemicals with a end result of no foaming and bubbles are formed. We need to understand that natural and pure soap will not foam as is the perception with soaps. And there is no side effects of this cleanser. This Body Cleanser not only cleans your body and treats certain skin conditions but also has a purifying experience with ayurvedic ingredients.

Benefits :

It is very beneficail for the skin. It take care of skin and keep skin free from infection, keep the skin clean and its also helps the skin in glowing which gives you natural fairness. Excellent healthy products for the protection of body,skin 

घटक - मुलतानी माती,रिठा, शिकाकाई, कडुलिंब, कापूर भीमसेनी, शुध्दगेहू, हळद, बेसन, खो.तेल आणि भस्म .

कसे वापरावे - आपला बॉडी क्लिनर साबण नसून बॉडी क्लीनरच आहे! त्यामध्ये कुठलेही फॉरमिंग एजन्ट, प्रिसेंर्वतीवेस,किंव्हा तो तुटतो परंतु यामुळेच त्याला कुठलेही साईट इफेक्ट नाही! तो आपल्याला स्वच्छतेबरोबर शुद्धताहे देतो.
तो अंगावर सावकाश चोळून लावावा तुटल्यास उठण्यासारखा वापरावा
फायदे - त्वचारोगवर अत्यंत लाभ दायक त्वचेची काळजी घेऊन त्याचेला ठेवतो निरोगी,स्वच्छ आणि तजेलदार.

Data sheet

Container MaterialSachet
Dosage FormsSoap
ApplicationExternal Application
Useful forSkin Care
Pathy - चिकित्साAyurved

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Gavyakanti - Body Cleaner

Gavyakanti - Body Cleaner

Gavyakanti Panchagavya Ayurvedic Body Cleaner with no added preservatives is a chemical free body cleanser.

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