Dhootapapeshwar - Khadirarishta

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Khadirarishta best Antipruritic used for all skin disease, blood disorder, splenomegaly.

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Khadirarishta is a generic Arishta Prepared using ancient Ayurveda Fermentation technique. It is also known by the terms khadirarishtam and Khadirarisht.

Khadirarishta is a best Antipruritic which is widely used for all skin disease, blood disorder, intestinal worms, splenomegaly, urticaria , gout, herpes, wounds, tumors, etc.

Khadira is a potent Krumighna and Kandughna dravya. It also helps to improve digestion power by absorbing nutrients from the intestine.

It is particularly useful for the patients suffering from the early stages of liver disorders. It can help in reducing the symptoms of hepatitis and fatty liver disease. It protects the liver from the toxic effect of alcohol and free radicals, thus preventing the development of cirrhosis and liver carcinoma.

Effect on Tridosha

It helps balance Kapha, Ama andVata.

Indications -

  • Abdominal tumor Gulma
  • Anemia - Panduroga
  • All types of chronic skin diseases - Mahakushta
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti Gout
  • Antihistaminic
  • Anti Inflamatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Ascites Udara
  • Antipruritics
  • Anti Alergic
  • Asthma
  • Blood Impurities Purifier
  • Dyspnoea
  • Early stage of liver disorders
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Hepatoprotective
  • Intestinal worms - Krumi
  • Intestinal wound with worm infection
  • Jaundice
  • Leprosy
  • Obesity with Diabetes
  • Pleeha splenomegaly
  • Parasitic Infestation
  • Spleen Enlargement
  • Swollen Lymph nodes
  • Tumors Arbuda


Amalaki 0.434 gm, Bakuchi 0.260 gm, Bibhitika 0.434 gm, Daruharidra 0.434 gm, Devadaru 1.085 gm, Dhataki 0.434 gm, Elaichi Sukshma- Cardamom 0.022 gm, Haritaki 0.434 gm, Jatiphala 0.022 gm, Kankola 0.022 gm, Khadira 1.085 gm, Lavanga- Cinamon 0.022 gm, Madhu 4.340 gm, Nagakeshar 0.022 gm, Pippali 0.087 gm, Sharkara-2.170 gm, Tvak 0.022 gm, Tvakpatra 0.022 gm


12 to 24 ml 2 - 3 times a day for a period of 2 3 months. or as directed by doctor add equal amount of luke warm water.

Light Pathya rules to be followed for better results. Dose to be taken after meal.

Khadirarishta side effects

A very high dosage than the prescribed may cause mild burning sensation in abdomen.

It may cause Gastric discomfort.  The effect of this medicine on the fetus and newborn baby, when used by a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, is not fully known.

Hence, women should avoid using Khadirarishta during pregnancy period consult your doctor for the same.

However, very high dose than prescribed may cause burning sensation in stomach.

Khadirarishta can be given to children above 5 years age after consulting with your doctor.

It is often used in the treatment of childhood complaints.

Store in a dry cool place.

Customer Care No - 91-22-30036111

Contact manufacturer:

Shree Dhootapapeshwar Limited, 135, Nanubhai Desai Road, Khetwadi, Mumbai 400004, Maharashtra, INDIA
Tel: + 91 22 2382 5888, + 91 22 3003 6300, Fax: + 91 22 2388 1308, Email: healthcare@sdlindia.com

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Container MaterialGlass Bottle Small
Dosage FormsArishta
ApplicationExternal Application
Useful forSkin Care


Dhootapapeshwar - Khadirarishta


Useful on skin disease problems


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    Dhootapapeshwar - Khadirarishta

    Dhootapapeshwar - Khadirarishta

    Khadirarishta best Antipruritic used for all skin disease, blood disorder, splenomegaly.

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